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Medical Technologist Jobs

Maxim Staffing Solutions offers a variety of laboratory jobs and other scientific jobs. We offer contract, temp-to-perm, per diem, and direct hire Medical Technologist job opportunities in the Allied health field. As an employee of Maxim you can enjoy working with a variety of patients in some of the most prestigious medical facilities nationwide.

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Medical Laboratory Technologist Jobs

Under the supervision of designated Manager, the Medical Laboratory Technologist performs diagnostic analytic tests on human body fluids such as blood, sputum, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, peritoneal fluid, pericardial fluid and synovial fluid, as well as other specimens. The Medical Laboratory Technologist works within clinical laboratories, doctor's offices, reference labs, and within the biotechnology industry. Job duties for a Medical Laboratory Technologist may include:

  • Performing specimen collection and processing duties as needed or assigned
  • Performing routine and special laboratory tests; analyzing human fluid samples on advanced analytical equipment or by using lower-tech analytic techniques available to the clinical laboratory, such as manual white blood cell differentials, bone marrow counts and analysis via microscopy
  • Monitoring, screening, and troubleshooting any analytical device responsible for deriving critical patient information. These tasks include calibrations, quality control, run-by-run assessment, instrument maintenance, statistical control of observed data and recording of normal operations
  • Troubleshooting, adjusting, and/or repairing complicated instruments
  • Recognizing abnormalities in the equipment and knowing how to correct them
  • Recognizing test inconsistencies and taking appropriate corrective action
  • Recognizing any and all factors that could introduce error into the analysis, such as if a body fluid has potentially been contaminated or collected improperly; rejecting substandard specimens to maintain the integrity of the laboratory process
  • Performing quality control tests according to procedure and recording data; analyzing data and taking corrective action when results are outside of acceptable limits
  • Performing common tests such as complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, electrolyte panel, liver function test, urinalysis, prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time
  • Preparing test reports legibly and according to the standards established by the facility; reviewing reports for accuracy and clinical indications
  • Maintaining a neat and clean work area; restocking daily supplies as needed; following all laboratory and facility safety practices
  • Other duties as assigned

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