Maxim Staffing is proud of the hard work and dedication that all of our healthcare professionals bring each day in service to their patients, our clients – the extended members of our Maxim Family.

The recipient of the 2021 Healthcare Professional of the Year is Adriel Davis!

Staffing COY Winner, Adriel Davis masked up

Adriel is a registered nurse currently working night shift at a temporary facility in Laurel, Maryland which cares exclusively for COVID-19 patients. She has been with Maxim Staffing for more than three years, starting as a transplant nurse before transitioning to her current role as one of our longest-tenured travel nurses.

At the Laurel facility, Adriel is recognized by colleagues and supervisors alike for her flexibility and team-player attitude. She works 48 hours per week and consistently takes additional shifts in order to help alleviate the high volume of COVID-19 patients.

At the start of every shift, Adriel puts on her personal protective equipment (PPE) – which she refers to as her “astronaut suit” – and visits each and every one of her patients for one-on-one interaction. This personal touch not only serves as a way to evaluate the patient’s status and symptoms, but also helps to cheer them up when the COVID-19 pandemic has so severely limited interactions with their loved ones. Adriel’s daily visits help ease some of that loneliness, and she is most definitely a contributing factor to improved patient morale.

Adriel said that it is also incredibly important to check on her patients every day throughout her shift because “when COVID patients take a turn, it’s fast.” She brings positivity and light to them all through genuine personal connections. Even if they can’t see her smile through her mask and protective gear, Adriel is determined to have her patients “feel” her smile in the energy she brings.

The fact that Adriel exclusively serves patients diagnosed with COVID-19 does not mean that she is without fear of the coronavirus. Even with the implementation of multiple vaccines, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major source of anxiety worldwide. However, despite her own anxiety and fear, Adriel powers through it to provide the best possible care for her patients.

Dr. Josette Zeilah, Medical Director at University of Maryland Laurel Medical Center Alternate Care Site stated that while many people and nurses felt particularly discouraged during the pandemic, Adriel “encouraged [the nurses], she guided them” and helped them see that there’s something to fight for in caring for the hospital’s COVID patients.

“What keeps me going is that I enjoy being nurturing and supportive and loving,” said Adriel. “Just kind of lighting up someone’s day, that’s where my strength lies. I try to put myself in their shoes and just provide the care that they deserve.”

Adriel’s strong work ethic, resilience and compassion make her an ideal example of the servant leadership culture that Maxim embodies. In the past year at her current position, Adriel has achieved several promotions, starting as a floor nurse, then Assistant Nurse Manager, and now as Interim Manager.

“I was doing this without intention,” Adriel said. “I was just happy to help support patients through this rough time, not being able to see their own family members. But I also enjoy being there for them.”