Meet Amanda Talbot, our team member spotlight for Pride Month

Amanda is a Regional Field Manager and has been with Maxim for 9 years.

What does Pride mean to you, and how do demonstrate your support for the community?
Pride to me is a celebration of love in all forms with no judgement or “rules”. I support the community by being proud of who I am and who I love. I don’t hide any part of myself to make others feel more comfortable.

How has being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community benefitted you in a position of leadership?
I feel like I have benefitted immensely in a position of leadership by representing inclusivity. When people see someone like me in the role I am in it shows that its perfectly normal to be who you are. I don’t fit the so called “mold” of what a woman in corporate America should look like, but none of that matters because my hard work and dedication got me to the next level.

What do you do to build an effective and inclusive team?
I base my hires off, knowledge, motivation, drive, humility, etc… rather than what society deems appropriate for corporate America. Having people from all walks of life, all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds is a huge benefit to everyone on the team. I push my team to learn about each other, and my managers to learn how, and what makes their people tick to be effective and impactful, ultimately leading to success for themselves, their managers, and the company. I find that when people feel comfortable being themselves, they will outperform any metric you give them.

What advice would you give an existing or new LGBTQIA+ Team Member or HCP about coming out at Maxim?
Be who you are and let your work speak for itself. Every other part of you is just a beautiful bonus your team gets to learn from and embrace. I have been here for 9 years and some of my close friends I have met here at Maxim, we are a family.

How can Allies support their LGBTQIA+ team members?
Allies can always support by educating themselves, and others to promote normality. We are all people and love is love, so stand for those in your life and show pride, love, and knowledge. Knowledge is power in any arena.

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