Becoming a school nurse means you’ll play a vital role in the lives of the students you serve. In addition to the health services they provide, school nurses become an ally for the student that is reliable and trustworthy. Also, school nursing positions provide excellent opportunities to contribute to the community. Alishia Jones, a Registered Nurse (RN) who transitioned into a school nurse position with the assistance of Maxim Healthcare Staffing, says, “This is a chance for me to make a difference with our younger culture. My school is like one big happy family with the primary goal of educating our youth.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a school nurse, partner with Maxim for the next chapter in your career. Our outstanding team of highly-trained nursing recruiters ensures that each of our candidates finds the right school nursing position for them. Discover more about the wide range of available healthcare positions, including school nursing opportunities.

How to Become a School Nurse

There are two ways for a candidate to start the process of becoming a school nurse with Maxim. One way is for a healthcare professional to reach out to Maxim online and complete our convenient contact form. The other way is for a Maxim Recruiter to find qualified healthcare professionals and reach out to those that might be interested in a career change.

Next, the Maxim Recruiter performs a phone interview. After the interview, if both parties are still interested, a thorough background check takes place. Then, if all goes well, the candidate completes general orientation modules for onboarding with Maxim. Once the general orientation is finished, the candidate will take a school nursing exam, which includes topics such as routine medications and common disorders. Finally, after all of these steps are complete, the candidate is ready to begin their school nurse orientation with Maxim.

School Nurse Orientation with Maxim Staffing

Maxim’s comprehensive orientation program, specifically designed for school nurses is divided into three main components, which includes a rundown of school nurse roles and responsibilities.

  • Part I – The initial section focuses on identifying issues unique to the school setting and recognizing the nurse’s keys to success.
  • Part II – Part II discusses professionalism and professional boundaries, as well as learning abuse warning signs and proper reporting protocol.
  • Part III – In the final phase, school nurses review common health issues for students, such as diabetes, seizure disorders, asthma, and concussions, in addition to practicing typical nursing procedures performed in a school setting.

Next, there is often on-site and student-specific orientation which is best practice and provided by the school. Finally, the nurses are ready to begin their school assignments. However, Maxim’s support of our school nurses doesn’t end on the first day of school.  We provide on-call support for all of our healthcare professionals available 24/7, so there aren’t any questions that go unanswered or problems that aren’t addressed.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a School Nurse?

So, why would a nurse choose to transition into a position in a school environment? There are many benefits of becoming a school nurse, such as:

  • No night shifts
  • No weekend shifts
  • No holiday shifts
  • Never being on-call
  • High rates of retention
  • Flexible schedules

Perhaps the most significant benefit of school nursing is the satisfaction that these medical professionals feel every day about what they do for the students. According to Natasha Skutch, an RN and Maxim’s Director of Clinical Operations for the Northeast and Southeast divisions, “The feeling of fulfillment is one of the main benefits of school nursing. You get to be a daily part of a student’s life.” In fact, there are cases where school nurses remain with their students each year until graduation, which is a sign of the dedication these healthcare professionals demonstrate every day.

Partner with Maxim Staffing to Become a School Nurse

At Maxim, our team is there for our candidates during each step of their journey, from finding out how to become a school nurse to the first day on the job. We are committed to our mission of connecting healthcare workers to the work that matters. Find out more about how Maxim can help you find a school nursing position that’s right for you today.