Eliminate These 4 Common Stressors of Staffing an Educational Institution

Let’s cut to the chase – keeping an educational facility fully staffed with qualified professionals and a low turnover rate oftentimes seems like an elusive goal. And these days, it’s even more difficult than before. Whether you work for a public, private or charter school system, a college or university, or other educational facility such as early intervention program, educational staffing services can help make this elusive goal a reality. “Every school has a need right now,” said Ryan Lamping, regional director of business development for educational services at Maxim Healthcare Staffing. “Now more than ever the shortage of quality educational professionals is putting a strain on schools across the country.” Here are four common stressors of educational facilities that a staffing agency can (quickly) remedy.

1. Chronic understaffing

Starting with the obvious, being understaffed leads to many cascading headaches and problems such as lower-quality instruction and care for students, decreased morale among existing staff, and other issues. That’s why maintaining a fully staffed institution is usually top-of-mind for most educational facility teams. “We support [school] districts when they are struggling to maintain a staff internally or can’t find the qualified staff they need,” said Leah Maravich, regional director of educational services at Maxim Healthcare Staffing. There are many reasons why educational facilities are prone to staffing problems, including a national shortage of qualified professionals, fluctuating district requirements and different student needs from year to year.

“If a school has a position to fill immediately, we are much more equipped to be able to fill it compared to the relatively small recruitment teams available to them within a district,” said Maravich. “We have such a robust pool of applicants and abundance of resources. Chances are we have someone from our candidate database to pull from right away.” Staffing agencies, such as Maxim, can help fill basically any position needed under a school roof, including school psychologists, special education teachers, nurses, behavior therapists for ABA therapy and ADHD therapy, along with speech and occupational therapy services.

2. Not meeting requirements for students’ IEPs, along with associated funding cuts and fines.

IEPs, or individualized education plans, are necessary and beneficial resources for students, but can cause a lot of stress for an institution experiencing any staff shortages. “There are many requirements associated with IEPs and more and more students are receiving that type of personalized care each year, which leads to even more requirements for facilities,” said Maravich. “When a student needs services based on their IED, there are laws that mandate those services must be available for students. If a position goes unfilled and the services are not available, the school can face disciplinary action, funding cuts and other fines.” All of this can be avoided with a staffing agency that can immediately fill open positions. “I encourage these facilities to weigh the benefits,” said Maravich. “Yes, a staffing agency costs money, but it usually helps avoid much higher costs down the road.”

3. The permanence of employees and lack of flexibility in finding the best person for a position.

Another advantage of using a staffing agency is you get to “try before you buy” with employees. “With an agency, you can hire contractors for a specified time,” said Maravich. “You can ask us for a replacement if it doesn’t work out, or we can work toward getting someone permanently employed if it’s a great fit. There’s flexibility there to find the best long-term fit for the job.” Compared to hiring internally, there is much more ease with transition and change.
“We provide short-term solutions that can turn into long-term employees, only if you want that to happen,” said Lamping. “Even if you don’t want to use an agency long-term, we can help funnel you into a more permanent solution for those open positions.”

4. The expense of taking on more employees.

Hiring additional employees brings associated costs that hiring more temporary professionals or contractors does not. “In education, when you hire somebody, that’s your employee now,” said Maravich. “With a staffing agency, you can hire contractors.” As the employer, a staffing agency typically incurs all of the costs of that “employee” from taxes to unemployment benefits and more. “It’s a cost-effective solution, particularly for higher-level positions and for temporary positions,” said Lamping.

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