At Maxim Healthcare Staffing, our field support team members have shown extraordinary efforts and dedication to both their colleagues and the company throughout this past year. They have truly been the catalyst to Maxim’s success, so we’d like to recognize our 2021 Maxim Field Support Award winners.

During our Regional Awards held on March 31, 2022, Maxim Healthcare Staffing highlighted the work of several team members for their extraordinary efforts throughout 2021 and their commitment to their teammates and Maxim as a whole. These awards were announced by the Director of Field Support, Scott Morrison.

Three awards were issued for field support, which include:

  • Team Member of the Year
  • Leader of the Year
  • Team of the Year

We are proud of these award winners and other team members that we’ve profiled with our monthly Spotlights. Learn more about our team members and our culture at Maxim by visiting us online and reading the profiles.

Field Support Team Member of the Year: Scott Springer

Scott S. with his family

The 2021 Field Support Member of the Year is Scott Springer from the Time and Expense team. Since July 2018, Scott has been serving Maxim in various capacities and across multiple teams. In his almost four years with the company, Scott has supported teams throughout the Southeastern region, particularly on the Florida Advent contract.

The contract was an immense undertaking, and Scott did everything possible to ensure that the healthcare professionals included in this contract were paid accurately and on time. “Scott shows outstanding teamwork, customer service and a calm approach to any problem that stands in his way,” said Scott Morrison. “He’s a peer mentor to his teammates, developing others while also taking on a huge workload.”

Congratulations to Scott Springer for being Maxim’s 2021 Field Support Team Member of the Year!

Field Support Leader of the Year: Tina Hicks

field support leader of the year Tina, with her daughter

Tina Hicks is the 2021 Field Support Leader of the Year after being with Maxim for nearly ten years. In that time, she has filled many different roles within the company. According to Scott Morrison, Tina has supported offices and teams in just about every time zone. She builds lasting relationships with partners and customers and adapts to the various needs of particular projects and organizational demands.

Scott Morrison continued, “This past year, Tina built an outstanding team in the Northeast, and halfway through the year, she took on the Texas Project and led that team. She helped thousands of healthcare professionals get to hospitals in need with incredibly short turnaround times.”

Congratulations to Tina Hicks for being Maxim’s 2021 Field Support Leader of the Year!

Field Support Team of the Year: Team Advent

Team Advent wins FS team of the year!

The 2021 Field Support Team of the Year is Team Advent. In 2021, Team Advent cleared more than 1,800 healthcare professionals for assignments. This feat is incredibly impressive because each placement has at least 45 requirements, and sometimes even more. “They were thrown one of our largest customers with complex and changing requirements throughout the year,” said Scott Morrison. “The team approached these changes with poise, dedication and a constant drive to improve processes with our customers, our Business Development Managers and travel partners throughout the year.”

Team Advent was led by Steph Siragusa and consisted of:

  • Whitney Barber
  • Jakayla Clark-Lawson
  • Zack Hawbaker
  • Jessica Robertson
  • Melany Rodriguez
  • Morgann Rykken
  • Christine Schramm
  • Xavia Starks
  • Kalyn Thomas

Congratulations to Team Advent for being Maxim’s 2021 Field Support Team of the Year!

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