Occupational therapist LaCresha Wilkerson is recognized as Maxim Healthcare Staffing’s 2020 Healthcare Professional of the Year for her unwavering commitment to providing care that helps students thrive in school and at home. She has earned this honor because of her dedication to her patients. If you’d like more information about how you can join the Maxim team, visit us online today.

LeCresha’s Journey to Become an Occupational Therapist with Maxim

LaCresha became intrigued with this field in high school after shadowing an occupational therapist. She still recalls the joy radiating from her first patient’s face as he relearned to feed himself. At that moment, LaCresha knew that she wanted to be a part of that progress.

Today, LaCresha has been an occupational therapist for more than 16 years. Her positive attitude and ability to motivate others allow her to go above and beyond to provide the best care. Known as a fierce advocate for her students, LaCresha is passionate about identifying therapies to enhance a student’s overall educational experience.

LaCresha, a Marina, California resident, joined Maxim in 2016. Since then, she has completed eight assignments, providing occupational therapy services on a contract basis in both medical and educational settings. She currently works with the Santa Rita Unified School District, where she helps students improve fine and gross motor skills and identifies sensory needs within the classroom. Though she arrived as the only occupational therapist, her drive and passion for helping others succeed have helped her grow and ultimately lead the department.

According to Nadane Dermody, who is the Special Education Director for the Santa Rita Unified School District, “The level of care and attention that [LaCresha] gives her students is beyond any experience I’ve ever had with a colleague. To say she has changed the trajectory of a student’s education is an understatement. Students have made tremendous academic gains and have been placed in appropriate educational settings, all because of what we have learned from her about sensory needs.”

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