Meet Lauren Pukay, our team member spotlight for July

Lauren started with us as an Intern and is now an Instructional Designer at HQ.

How did you come to join Maxim? Can you talk about your career path with the company?
I started my career with Maxim last year as a summer intern for the Centers of Excellence team. When the summer ended, I asked to stay on to fulfill my internship requirement needed for school. I was able to do so, my summer internship turned into a fall internship, and after I graduated in December, the internship turned into a temporary position with the company. While in the temporary position, I shadowed L&D and enjoyed it so I applied for the full-time position as an instructional designer!

What advice do you have for employees looking to get involved at Maxim?
Reach out to people that are already involved! Get to know your coworkers to see what their interests are and how they are involved within Maxim. Do not be afraid to participate and show your passions in different areas!

What is something unique that most people do not know about you?
For most of my childhood, I was a competitive Irish Dancer! I have competed around the United States and Canada.

How do you unwind after a long day at work?
I love to come home and hangout with my cat while reading books or binging a show on Netflix or Hulu. In the summers, I love to go on walks around my neighborhood and get ice cream!

Where might we find you on the weekend?
Going to thrift stores, hiking, and hanging out with friends are what my normal weekends look like!

Based on your definition of diversity, how has diversity contributed to you reaching your career goals or achieving success in your current position?
I continue to grow in my position by learning from all my peers at work. Maxim brings people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles to work together and exchange ideas, which allows for growth and development that you would not see if you did not give the opportunity to hear different people’s voices.

This July, we celebrate Intern Day. Can you share your background with us? Can you share why you think it is important for companies to honor/celebrate their Interns and how it correlates to the workplace?
I have had multiple internships in my career, as well as other part-time and volunteer opportunities. I think that internships really do set a person up to understand how the field they are interning in operates. Whether they are performing tasks or observing. Internships help you get ready for the “real world” and the workforce. We want to show that Maxim’s interns are valued and are doing important work while destigmatizing the idea that interns are hired just to do busy work and get coffee that the corporate world carries. It is important that Maxim continue to give opportunities to show our appreciation for our interns, so that when their internship is over, they gain real world experience and helpful skills, and hopefully want to join the organization full-time (like me)!

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