Meet Jalyssa Dugrot, our team member spotlight for Mental Health Awareness Month

Jalyssa is a National Recruitment Manager in Tampa, Florida.

How did you come to join Maxim? Can you talk about your career path with the Company?
I was at a point in my career where I was searching for a company that would allow me to utilize my personal strengths and channel my creativity to become successful in my own way. Maxim really banishes the “One Size Fits All” approach and allows their employees to be individuals and market themselves, which I love. I started out as an NRM Trainee, then I was promoted to NRM shortly after. It’s been so rewarding and I’ve learned so much.

What advice do you have for employees looking to take on a leadership position/get involved at Maxim?
Don’t be afraid to make friends and get to know people. When I first started I was shy and very to myself. Since then, participating in team get-togethers and volunteering has brought me out of my shell much more. Also, create goals and stick to them. Find others that share the same goals with you – it makes the journey of accomplishing your tasks enjoyable when you can relate to someone. Remember to network with your peers, and keep an open mind always!

How do you unwind after a long day at work?
Typically, I’ll come home and get snuggles from my dog, listen to music, or to a podcast. I’m also a big comfort food gal. My husband will cook or purchase some of my favorite meals most days and it makes unwinding after a long day something to look forward to! We’ll also watch a reality T.V. show we enjoy on Netflix – We’re currently watching “The Ultimatum”.

Where might we find you on the weekend?
We bought a fixer upper a couple months ago, so these days I’m working on repairs with my husband and remodeling. Prior to that I spent my time going paddle boarding, at theme parks or going to the movies.

Based on your definition of diversity, how has diversity contributed to you reaching your career goals or achieving success in your current position?
Always being a student to those who are different from me has contributed to my success in my career in HR and recruiting. I believe when you work for a company whose culture is built on integrity, dedication, and inclusivity it opens more doors for expansion and innovation. All types of people from different backgrounds, experiences, and customs come together in the workplace and exchange information whether it be on how to conduct a process or how to make a task more efficient. We don’t realize it, but we learn how to deal with others and propel our peers forward a little each day by exchanging perspectives and ideas.

This May, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Can you share your background on why this month is so important to you and how it correlates to the workplace?
Mental Health Awareness Month is important because spreading awareness sheds light on how our psychological well-being plays a role in our ability to function and be productive during our day to day lives. For me, I have Bipolar Disorder. This means I experience extreme highs, and extreme lows. Understanding that this disorder can disrupt memory, make you more sensitive to stressful situations or settings, and more is imperative to healing and understanding your triggers. For example, in the workplace – when I encounter stressful or busy periods, I know that I need to try to remain positive and take more 5 minute breaks. This means I’ll take a walk down the hall or read a book at my desk just to distract myself and regulate myself a little. I share this with most people I meet in fact because because Mental Health is not taboo, and educating co-workers, friends, and family will aid in providing the necessary awareness and resources to break the negative stigmas surrounding Mental Health, and encourage those who are struggling to speak about their experiences too.

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