According to the Department of Labor, healthcare employment positions are projected to grow 13 percent from 2021 to 2031, which is much faster than the average for other occupations. This potential increase could lead to about two million new jobs over the decade. While this is good news for healthcare professionals, providers are facing many staffing issues in healthcare that have affected the quality of care in many institutions. But how can healthcare organizations find the professionals they need?

For many providers, partnering with Maxim Healthcare Staffing has made all the difference. We are committed to connecting top healthcare talent with the work that matters. Learn more about how Maxim’s resources and expertise are key factors in solving staffing challenges in healthcare today.

Common Staffing Challenges in Healthcare

Some of the most common healthcare staffing challenges include:

  • Burnout – The COVID pandemic over the past few years has created more stress for healthcare professionals, with longer hours and the danger of catching the virus. These factors have caused many healthcare workers to become “burned out” and leave the profession.
  • High turnover – Because of burnout in a highly stressful environment, many people working in the healthcare industry change careers to less demanding jobs. This leads to a high turnover rate and more frequent staffing shortages.
  • Not enough new healthcare professionals – The Department of Labor states that there are about 1.9 million openings for healthcare professionals each year due to growth and replacement needs. This statistic reflects the critical need for new people to enter the healthcare field.
  • Aging population – According to the Census Bureau, the Baby Boomer generation is now estimated to be around 73 million people and all Baby Boomers will be 65 or older by the end of this decade, which puts pressure on the healthcare system as these Americans age. In addition to the volume of older patients, medical technology advances have helped people live longer, which increases the need for more healthcare professionals.

The Maxim Healthcare Staffing Difference

As one of the largest healthcare staffing agencies in the country, Maxim has been preparing for the potential staffing problems in healthcare in 2023. This foresight is one of the many reasons that Maxim has remained a powerhouse in healthcare staffing.

Kyle Billington, Maxim’s Regional Vice President in the Central Division, says, “Over the past four years, Maxim has made an incredible investment in people, technology, and infrastructure. First and foremost, Maxim has maintained a laser focus on the development of people, we have created an army of future leaders that are enabled with better technology than ever.” He went on to say, “As long as Maxim continues to focus on our mission to serve our clients and communities, we will continue to remain an industry leader.”

Competitive Advantages of Working with Maxim

Healthcare providers experience many benefits when they choose Maxim for their staffing needs.

Some of our competitive advantages include:

  • Our local presence with national reach – Our geographical footprint allows us to serve clients nationwide while still catering to the local community.
  • Our recruitment style  – We promote value-based recruiting to find candidates in the market instead of “on the market.”
  • Our specialized delivery and expertise – With a focus on delivery, our specialized teams have extensive knowledge of the markets they each serve.
  • Our culture – Through relationship building, trust, and a growth mindset, our team members find and celebrate those that drive results.
  • Our comprehensive offerings – As a “one-stop-shop”, we have the capabilities to grow with our clients, whether they are small or large.

Overcome Staffing Challenges in Healthcare with Maxim

Healthcare professionals are in demand now more than ever. To meet this demand, more and more healthcare providers have turned to staffing agencies such as Maxim. If you’re interested in finding highly qualified healthcare professionals and overcoming staffing issues in healthcare, explore potential candidates with us.