Over the past few years cases of reported nurse burnout have been increasing across the country, resulting in millions of these healthcare professionals looking to make a transition into a less stressful nursing position. If that sounds like you, then switching to a school nurse job could be just what you are looking for. While it may seem daunting to make a shift to a new role, temp agencies or staffing agencies, like Maxim Staffing, can help you with the transition to make it as smooth as possible. Before we dive into how staffing agencies can assist with the switch, let’s first highlight some of the benefits of shifting to a school nursing position.


School nurses, much like nurses in a traditional healthcare setting, provide preventive care, first aid, and emergency care, with the major difference being that they serve students within the school environment. Becoming a school nurse could help healthcare professionals combat burnout from the healthcare setting, while also giving them a chance to shape future generations. Switching from a healthcare setting to a bustling educational institution brings forth a host of new dynamics, making the transition an exciting and transformative experience for nurses seeking fresh avenues for their skills and expertise.

Here are some of the potential benefits of switching to a school nursing job:

  • Reduced Stress Levels: School nursing often involves working in a less hectic environment compared to hospitals or other healthcare settings. The pace tends to be slower, with predictable routines and fewer urgent and high-stress situations. This change can alleviate the chronic stress that contributes to burnout.
  • Regular Working Hours: Unlike some nursing roles in hospitals or other healthcare facilities that involve long shifts, school nursing typically follows regular school hours. This regularity can provide nurses with a more stable work-life balance, which can be crucial to helping prevent burnout.
  • Summers and Holidays Off: Another significant schedule-related advantage is that school nurses typically follow the academic calendar, meaning they got off summers, extended breaks, and holidays. These breaks offer valuable time for relaxation, recuperation, and engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.
  • Patient Relationships: School nurses often have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with their students. They become familiar with their unique health needs, provide ongoing care and support, and act as a trusted resource for students and school staff. These meaningful connections can foster a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction, which can help counteract the burnout.
  • Diverse Responsibilities: School nurses are involved in a wide range of responsibilities beyond traditional healthcare duties. They play an essential role in health education, health promotion, and disease prevention within the school community. This variety in responsibilities can help school nurses feel a sense of professional growth and satisfaction.

While there are benefits to becoming a school nurse, transitioning to the educational setting may not be the best choice for every healthcare professional. When trying to decide whether you should make a switch, it is important to consider personal preferences, strengths, and career goals.


A staffing agency, like Maxim Staffing, can help healthcare professionals make a smooth transition from the hospital to the school setting in a number of ways, including:

  • Provide job search assistance: Staffing agencies can help nurses find school nursing jobs that match their skills and interests. They can also provide assistance with the application process.
  • Offer training and development opportunities: Staffing agencies also offer training and other resources to become successful in the school setting.
  • Provide support: Staffing agencies will provide nurses with a recruiter who can provide them with support as they make the transition to the school setting.


As a nationwide provider of educational services, Maxim Staffing has been making a difference in the lives of our students and school partners for over 30 years. Our commitment to communication, collaboration and personalized programming has made us a respected resource in the educational services industry. Maxim Staffing has more than 65 local offices across the country that serve more than 1,500 educational institutions, allowing our dedicated recruiters to connect nurses with the right school systems through a single point of contact. In addition, Maxim Staffing has a dedicated Registered Nurse School Support Specialist team which provides orientation training and support for all nurses who are pursuing a job in the Educational Services field.

Maxim Staffing also offers a wide range of benefits for employees, including:

  • Competitive pay with weekly paychecks
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401(k) Savings Plans
  • Awards and recognition opportunities

Are you ready to make the jump to a school nursing job? Let Maxim Staffing help you find the perfect fit! View our school nurse job openings.