Travel nursing can tout many benefits compared to other nursing jobs, such as higher pay, increased flexibility, and the opportunity to live and explore different parts of the country. But is this nomadic career choice feasible for nurses with a family? In short, yes! Whether it means a move across the state or across the country, travel nursing with a family is an excellent way for registered nurses (RNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to advance their careers and still prioritize family time.

Benefits of Travel Nursing with a Family

Oftentimes, nurses who choose to travel for their career find that not only is travel nursing with kids doable, but it’s actually beneficial for their family. Travel nursing provides:

  • Flexibility. Travel nurses have more freedom to take time off between assignments, which gives them frequent opportunities to spend time with their families.
  • Exploration and adventure. Travel nursing with family gives everyone the chance to visit different cities, explore new places, and learn about different cultures and people groups across the U.S. Families can create unique experiences and memories as they travel.
  • Financial stability. One of the main benefits of travel nursing is that it often comes with a higher pay rate than traditional nursing positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, travel nurses earn at least $10,000 more per year on average than a regular registered nurse. And on top of hourly pay, travel nurses often receive housing allowances or reimbursements that are exempt from taxes. This type of pay structure means a higher net income compared to a non-travel nurse whose entire income is taxable.

How to Prepare for Travel Nursing with a Family

While there are many benefits to choosing this career, travel nursing with a family does require more planning and preparation than traveling solo. One of the best ways to prepare for travel nursing with family is to talk to other, more experienced travel nurses. Many nurses have found ways to make relocating a family easier, such as only traveling during the summer months to avoid changing schools. The easiest way to find experienced travel nurses to chat with is searching for Facebook groups. “There are lots of Facebook groups out there that focus on travel nursing,” says Jordan Vecchione, national recruitment manager at Maxim. “If you have a question, one of the thousands of travel nurses in these groups can answer it.”

In addition to talking with experienced travel nurses, utilizing the recruiters at a travel nursing staffing company is also helpful. Recruiters can be one of the most helpful resources. At Maxim Staffing, some of the most common questions our recruiters get are “Can you be a travel nurse with a family?” and “Can travel nurses bring their families?” They are well-versed in answering this question with practical tips and points for you to consider for your unique family situation and goals. They can also save you time by connecting you with positions that work well with any scheduling or location constraints you may have with your family.

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