For the past 30 years, Maxim Healthcare Staffing has had the privilege to work with some of the most dedicated nurses in the industry. As we’ve gotten to know these amazing individuals, we’ve seen that our nurses truly bring their best efforts and enthusiasm to the workplace, even in the face of incredible challenges. This can be said especially over the past couple years as nurses all over the world served on the front lines against the COVID-19 pandemic. They faced – and overcame – unprecedented obstacles in order to continue providing care to those in need.

This Nurses Week, we’d like to thank and recognize a few of our incredible nurses.

So tell us…what makes a Maxim nurse?

Cassidy Edmundson

Maria and Cassidy
Cassidy is a travel nurse currently on contract in the Western PA area. Maria Nicassio is a recruiter with Maxim, and Cassidy is the first nurse she was able to meet in person. “Since she has been on assignment with us, she has truly shown great qualities of what we look for in a Maxim Nurse, including, being a hard-worker, dedication, effective communication and being adaptable to changes!”

Charles Phillips & Karen Chartrand

Visiting Charlie and Karen at work
Charles and Karen are school nurses in Florida. “What makes them a Maxim Nurse is being super communicative, hardworking and dedicated in their roles as Clinic School Nurses,” says their recruiter Joseph Panebianco. He loves to keep them happy, and has also stated that his nurse Charles loves working for Maxim.

Ashley Dukes

Justin and Ashley
Ashley was Justin Kate’s first nurse that he placed when he began his career with Maxim in 2020. Even when her contract was cut short due to a low census, she informed him that she didn’t want to work with any other recruiter besides him, and she would be willing to wait until something became available. “Her dedication and work ethic are indescribable,” says Justin. “She has always been super flexible with shifting gears and is always willing to help out when a facility is in need. She is one of the sweetest, most passionate nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside each week. Ashley has referred numerous people to us and is proud to represent Maxim. Ashley is the definition of what a great nurse is and each facility she has been to has offered to extend her multiple times… Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication each week.”

Adriel Davis

Staffing COY Winner, Adriel Davis masked up
Adriel’s strong work ethic, resilience and compassion make her an ideal example of the servant leadership culture that Maxim embodies. In the past year at her current position, Adriel has achieved several promotions, starting as a floor nurse, then Assistant Nurse Manager, and now as Interim Manager. Dr. Josette Zeilah, Medical Director at University of Maryland Laurel Medical Center Alternate Care Site stated that while many people and nurses felt particularly discouraged during the pandemic, Adriel “encouraged [the nurses], she guided them” and helped them see that there’s something to fight for in caring for the hospital’s COVID patients. Adriel is also our recipient of the 2021 Healthcare Professional of the Year.

No matter the obstacle, Maxim nurses have overcome the unexpected, survived & thrived within our healthcare system, and have most importantly maintained their authenticity.

Thank you for being our lifeline and thank you for being YOU!