Medical coders, also known as medical record specialists, play a vital role in patients’ health every day. These healthcare workers enter coded information into invoices and send them to insurance providers or payers. Two of the most common questions that healthcare professionals have about medical coding are “What is the average medical coder salary?” and “What are some benefits of being a medical coder?” It’s worth taking a few moments to review a medical coding career.

What Is the Average Medical Coder Salary?

According to the Department of Labor, an average medical coder salary in 2021 was $46,660 annually. A medical coder’s salary varies depending on several factors. One of the factors that affect a medical coder’s salary is location. For example, a medical coder working in Louisiana averages $32,588, while the same medical coder in Hawaii makes around $52,602.

Also, while certifications are not necessary for an entry-level job, coders with additional education and accreditation may earn a higher salary. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer medical coding courses that last about a year. An associate’s degree in medical coding takes about two years, and an undergraduate degree in coding takes about four years.

Lastly, different coding specialties affect salary as well. Coders who work for larger facilities tend to get paid more than those who work for doctor’s offices and physician groups.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Medical Coder?

In addition to being in high demand, medical coders enjoy many benefits of their careers, such as:

  • Many different settings available – Typically, most medical coding positions are with hospitals and health systems, but now there are coding openings in government, private practices, and other settings across the country.
  • Possibility for remote jobs – While traditional medical coding is usually in-office, there are more opportunities for remote medical coding positions.
  • Meaningful work – Without medical coders, patients could be overcharged, and insurance providers wouldn’t get paid.
  • Opportunities for career advancement – Medical coding allows people to take advantage of ongoing learning that can lead to higher pay and new career options.

Working with Maxim Staffing to Land a Medical Coding Job

Why should medical coders partner with a staffing agency like Maxim Staffing? Perhaps one of the most significant reasons is our team of Recruiters. When healthcare professionals choose Maxim to help them find a new position, there is no time wasted scrolling through online job sites. Our extensive database of potential career opportunities streamlines the entire process so that candidates can focus on upcoming interviews.

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  • Weekly paychecks
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  • Up to 2 weeks of paid time off
  • 401k retirement plans
  • Emergency on-call line available 24/7
  • Life insurance options
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Fully remote positions available
  • Equipment provided to all coders

Find the Right Medical Coding Position with Maxim Staffing

If you’re an experienced medical coder looking for a change or you’re interested in entry-level coding jobs, Maxim Staffing is ready to help. Our dedication to our clients and customers is the main reason why we have been an industry leader for decades. Take the first step in a new career direction today by checking out available medical coding positions.