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Permanent Physician Jobs

Choosing the right practice opportunity is a challenge. The national physician shortage has created a high demand for physicians, but deciding on the most beneficial and rewarding position is tough. You want to maximize your professional and personal growth and make a decision that will match your practicing strategy.

TimeLine Recruiting specializes in aligning the most qualified candidates together with the best positions. Instead of spending your valuable free time searching for opportunities, you can utilize TimeLine’s vast consulting experience to enhance your search efforts by:

  • Managing the entire search process for you - Our Search Consultants meet directly with the hospitals to discuss, in-depth, the details of an opportunity and take a tour of the office space, hospital, and community. This process allows the recruiter to become familiar with the opportunity and talk directly to you about compensation, expectations, call schedule, paid time-off, student loan assistance, signing bonuses, etc.
  • Maintaining your privacy - Our Search Consultants are professional and highly trained. They appreciate your need (as well as the hospital’s need) for confidentiality. They hold your information in strict confidence.
  • Investing time to ensure the best fit - Our Search Consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the searches they represent. At the same time, they want to have an extensive understanding of your skill set, experience, and personal goals. The more a trusted recruiter knows about you, the better they can represent you. The retained recruiter will invest a substantial amount of time screening you for an opportunity to determine whether you and the opportunity will be a good fit for each other.
  • Making your need a top priority - Our Search Consultants will only forward those candidates that are most qualified for the opportunity; after all, they are paying us so that your information can reach them. Once the hospital/group accepts you as a candidate, they will bring you in for an on-site visit. The recruiter will be in control of every aspect of the on-site interview, including coordinating schedules, travel plans, and accommodations, as well as the interview itinerary.
  • Mediating contract negotiations - Our Search Consultants will continue to serve as your advocate and mediator during any contract negotiations.

Whether you are completing many years in preparation for a successful career, or you have now decided upon a more positive career change, our Search Consultants will be an invaluable asset, advisor, and advocate facilitating the achievement of your goals.

To learn more about the opportunities that await you with TimeLine Recruiting, contact us today, or visit us online to start your ultimate physician experience.

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