COVID-19 staffing from testing to vaccination


Maxim Staffing places RNs, LPNs, and administrative staff at COVID-19 testing sites based on state’s needs. We also partner with individual facilities based on state requirements to test their employees.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing is critical to stop the spread of COVID-19 in your area. Is your public health team prepared? We are armed and ready to help you stand up an effective contact tracing workforce. We can recruit and staff all tiers of your team, including epidemiologists, infection control nurses, disease investigators, and tracers.

Vaccination staffing

The federal government has tasked state and local health departments with supporting the COVID-19 Vaccine Program Implementation. Maxim Staffing has the experience and national coverage to assist you with your COVID-19 vaccination process.

Strategic consulting. A critical component to the success of these plans is appropriate staffing. At Maxim Staffing, we specialize in partnering with state and local health departments to consult on services such as:

  • Alternate staffing models
  • Ratio-based staffing levels
  • Industry best practices

Flexible staffing model. Maxim provides a flexible staffing model to meet any facility’s needs. We provide you with key supplemental staff to administer vaccine doses:

  • RNs
  • LPNs
  • Pharmacists
  • Data Entry
  • Administrative

National coverage, local relationships. Throughout the pandemic, Maxim has worked with numerous states and counties to provide staff for healthcare facilities, clinics, schools, worksites, and mobile sites to provide COVID-related services.

  • Maryland: Maxim provided more than 300 staff for a pandemic surge hospital in less than a month.
  • New Hampshire: Since May, we’ve served as the state’s sole contact tracer staffing partner.
  • Indiana and Pennsylvania: We partnered with a major global athletic company to provide temperature screenings for their employees upon coming to work.

Five reasons to partner with us in your public health response

  • Strength of a national healthcare company with a local footprint. With over 50 offices across the country, we have strong roots in our communities and expertise in the healthcare industry.
  • Extensive pipeline of diverse workforce. Our wide-ranging database of medical, allied, and administrative professionals are ready to take action in your healthcare crisis response. We are not limited to one tier or another—we are able to hire for all tiers of your program.
  • Familiarity working with state and county health departments. We know how to coordinate with government organizations and understand their needs, including strong protected health information (PHI) security.
  • Electronic timekeeping technology. Manage your remote workforce through our electronic timesheet capabilities.
  • Ability to scale up. Whether your program is large or small, we can build your workforce, and be ready to expand as your community needs it.

Let Maxim Staffing be your strategic partner.

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