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Partnership Opportunities

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, strong partnerships are the keys to success. Serving frequently as a subcontractor to small businesses, Maxim Government Services (MGS) offers progressive staffing solutions designed to align the capabilities of our strategic partners with the evolving needs of government organizations.

MGS has the ability to deliver contracted staff and traveling medical professionals, as well as qualified and pre-screened per diem and part-time staff, enabling our small business partners to benefit from a large selection of active employees who are well-versed in government procedure. At MGS, we value the relationships we have cultivated with small and disadvantaged businesses in all corners of the nation. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial collaborations that foster efficiency and growth.

Benefits of Partnering with Maxim:

The advantages of partnering with MGS lie in our experience within the government sector, as well as our unique ability to provide qualified personnel across the entire healthcare industry. By partnering with Maxim, your organization will experience the following advantages:

    • Qualified Candidate Pool - Realize the value of teaming with a diverse pool of highly qualified, pre-screened employees spanning the entire spectrum of medical specialties.
    • Nationwide Resources - With local Maxim branches across the nation, your organization will benefit from our experience in doing business in all 50 states.
    • Scalable Services - MGS is capable of tailoring our services to meet the specific requirements of each contact, whether it calls for staffing an individual position or an entire network of facilities.
    • Government Staffing Expertise - Our team understands the processes and challenges of providing contract staff in state and federal government healthcare facilities. We have the knowledge and experience to help your organization succeed in this complex market.
    • Operational Efficiencies - Gain the ability to rapidly staff a range of government medical positions while benefiting from the market knowledge of a large company.

Additional Services:

In addition to partnering with your organization to assist with staffing needs, Maxim Government Services can also provide the following services:

  • Market research and analysis 
  • Assistance with capitalization and funding
  • Proposal development
  • Human resources and on-boarding support services

Request more information today about small business partnerships with Maxim Government Services.