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Transitioning Military and Military Spouses

At Maxim Government Services, we realize that some of the most talented and dedicated employees around are former service members. That’s why Maxim Government Services works with transitioning military, retiring veterans, and military spouses to find careers in government facilities that fit their skills and sense of purpose.

Members of our nation’s military who are transitioning to civilian positions or retiring often have the experience, knowledge, and skills to excel at challenging and rewarding government careers. In addition, some of the most valuable assets to the U.S. military are the spouses of the men and women in uniform. Maxim Government Services works with both military personnel and military spouses to find jobs that fit their talents.

Transitioning Military

When transitioning your career from military to civilian life, it is important to work with a company that understands your needs. Maxim Government Services has a wealth of experience in staffing positions in government facilities and placing transitioning military in challenging and exciting careers. We work closely with transitioning military personnel to find civilian careers that fit their skill sets, and the hiring process for transitioning military is often simplified because of transitioning military members’ pre-existing security clearances and Maxim’s expertise in filling positions in government facilities. Learn more about the benefits of working for Maxim or submit your resume to be reviewed by a Maxim representative.

Retiring Veterans

Maxim Government Services is committed to assisting retiring veterans with finding the right career, and works to fill a variety of positions at government facilities in the medical and administrative fields. Retiring veterans already have a wealth of experience serving our country, and that service can continue with a career in rewarding healthcare or administrative roles in government facilities like VA hospitals, government agencies, and correctional facilities. In fact, by working with Maxim, those retired veterans who have been employed by the federal government or have been healthcare professionals working in VA hospitals can continue their careers as contractors without impacting government retirement benefits. Learn more about opportunities with Maxim Government Services or submit your resume for a MGS representative to review.

Military Spouses

Military spouses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to their own careers. Relocation transfers can interrupt the career of a military spouse, while finding a career in a new environment can be a struggle. Maxim Government Services recognizes the sacrifice that military families make. The dedication and commitment that it takes to be spouse of a member of the U.S. military are the same qualities valued by employers. MGS will work with military spouses to find the right match for healthcare or administrative careers in government facilities. To get started, contact Maxim Government Services today or submit your resume for a Maxim representative to review.

U.S. Army Reserve Employer Partnership

Maxim Government Services is proud to be a member of the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces. This partnership demonstrates the commitment Maxim Government Services makes to Army Reserve Soldiers in fostering both a civilian and military career. Members of the Army Reserve are a part of the backbone of the U.S. military, and members seeking employment in healthcare or administrative roles in government agencies are encouraged to apply for positions with Maxim Government Services.

If you think that Maxim Government Services might be the right fit to advance your career, submit your resume today or learn more about the benefits of working for Maxim.