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Maxim Staffing Solutions: Reflectx Services

Reflectx Services was created to assist hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare providers in securing the necessary staff on an interim and professional placement basis.

Reflectx recognizes that technology and information are the keys to successful staffing of healthcare jobs in high demand. As such, we employ the latest techniques to match our staffing capabilities with top quality clinicians in search of the best healthcare jobs and healthcare organizations that are seeking rapid, effective interim and professional staffing solutions. We work with hundreds of clinical locations, including many national publicly-owned healthcare companies, because we produce results at a reasonable price with the utmost level of integrity and ethics.

Some of the techniques employed by Reflectx Services include:

We provide a unique mass E-Mail marketing service that matches clinicians to healthcare job openings, sometimes before a job is ever formally advertised. Our clients are provided lists of available clinicians for professional placement and travel positions at a minimum of once a week from resumes that we receive from our new candidates every day.

Web Marketing
We post our client positions on the World Wide Web on multiple sites, generating some of the fastest staffing solutions possible.

We know where and how many licensed clinicians live near your facility and will tele-recruit staff for your positions in selected markets.

Find out more about how Reflectx can help provide a solution to your interim and professional staffing needs. Contact Reflectx Services for more information.

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