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Responding to ever-changing healthcare staffing needs is among the most important and challenging issues currently faced by medical facilities and organizations. Quality and continuity of care, the organization’s morale, and inevitably the bottom line, are all areas that are affected by the strategy and approach taken towards flex staffing. StaffAssist Workforce Management partners with their clients while striving to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions to their staffing challenges.

Learn more about how StaffAssist Workforce Management can help your organization by visiting their Web site: http://www.staffassistwfm.com.

The StaffAssist Advantage
StaffAssist Workforce Management provides solutions that aim to help the healthcare community save money, while at the same time offering quality care and a motivated, friendly, effective workforce. 

Their consultants will work with your facility to implement a workforce management approach that serves your specific organizational challenges. StaffAssist knows that there is not a single “out of the box” solution that will fit every system, so they work side-by-side with you to create a customized answer that truly meets the unique needs of your organization. 

Their team strives to:
• Design a comprehensive solution for any size organization
• Remain neutral and objective
• Evolve your processes and workflow to become more streamlined
• Introduce automated processes that aim to save both time and money
• Heighten fill rates, eliminate risk, and improve compliance

Read more about StaffAssist's process, technology, and your local program office or contact them today to learn about solving real problems with real solutions.  

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